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This is a unit/squad under the Commandant General’s office of the Nigeria security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC). This Unit was created in the year 2008 to ensure full compliance of NSCDC Amendment Act of 2007 which states that   “The corps shall have power to arrest with or without warrant; detain, investigate and institute legal proceeding by or in the name of the Attorney general of the federation in accordance with the provision of the constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria against any person who is reasonably suspected to have committed an offence involving;

  1. Chemical or nuclear waste poisoning and oil spillage.
  2. Acquisition of weapons, explosives of Nuclear, biological or chemical effects without lawful authority.
  3. The release of dangerous substances or causing of fire outbreak or flood which endangers life and properties”.

The Unit is headed by a Commandant of the Corps (CC), CC Oke Felix who is answerable to the Commandant General (CG).

CBRN Response Unit is a squad of very vibrant, seasoned and highly rooted intellectuals with unequivocal professional backgrounds in physics, micro-biology, chemical science and environmental science to measure with its contemporaries in related agencies and the world in general. Officers of this unit have had various training internationally and continually improving on requisite knowledge to ensure adequate protection within our national boundaries, especially against weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

Nigeria is a signatory to many treaties with regard to hazardous prohibitions/ related conventions has taken measures to ratify those treaties in our local laws for enforcement and preventions of dumping radioactive waste in any parts of the country. The measures includes but not limited to;

Establishment of an Act that empowers NSCDC the monitoring roles to detect the manufacturing, possession, acquisition of explosive weapons of nuclear, biological and chemical effect without lawful authority.

It is in this light that NSCDC created and empowered CBRN Response Unit to do the following:

  1. To response to CBRN emergencies/incidences.
  2. To initiate decontamination procedures in contamination zones.
  3. Protection and assistance of civil populace against radiological, biological and chemical warfare agents.
  4. Work in collaboration with other law enforcement and regulatory authority to control transboundary movement of radioactive sources within Nigeria.
  5. Serve as frontline officers in detecting orphan sources.
  6. Involved in packaging and transporting of spent radiation sources in collaboration with regulatory Authority.



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